First Gin on the road trip

On the road again!

So excited to be getting some kms/miles under the wheels of my bike finally! While the smart money would have waited out the storm, we’d been sitting in Vancouver for almost a week and I was getting antsy. Plus, life in the city really starts to drain the bank down.

Especially the one has the habit of buying expensive gin. Check out this beauty!

Three generations of the Drouin family have produced quality Calvados in the Pays d’ Auge region, seeking to express the full complexity of the thirty apple varieties in their orchards. Guillaume Drouin has created this hand-crafted Gin using the art of blending developed for classic spirits. It is produced by distillation of ciders in three small Normandy copper pot stills, and by the distillation of Juniper and seven other aromatic plants typical of the world of Calvados. Each one is distilled separately before being blended in unique proportions for a batch of 2,850 bottles. 

This lucky find at Legacy Liquor (Best liquor selection in Vancouver!) turned out to be a fantastic Gin! A surprisingly complex set of flavours, all smoothly working together to give the impression of a very high quality liquor. Now, most gins have a more common man appeal, but this one tastes like something you could offer the queen without embarrassment.

Sadly, the only tonic I could find at that hour was the overly sugared Schweppes. Happily, it worked very well with the Christian Drouin. Since then I’ve located some bottles of Fever-tree Tonic and the gin still holds, revealing even more earthy notes. While this gin is rather expensive (CAN$82 for 700mL) it is worth every penny!

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